Dear Library Users ….

Welcome to the newly designed website of University Library of Vasantrao Naik Marathwda Krishi Vidyapeeth , Parbhani. The main purpose behind developing this webpage is to provide Web Based Library Services to the library users . This webpage is a small effort to communicate with library users with the help of Information Technology. Hopes the library website will prove a bridge of communication between the library and its users.

Your valuable suggestions regarding new developments for this website are always welcome.

Dr. Santosh D. Kadam
I/C University Library and Computer and Information Services
V.N.M.K.V , Parbhani

How to use library website:

Step I: Open your email account or you must have an email account for registration at library website.

Step II: Keep the soft copy of your passport size photo with you. (Your image file must be of gif, png, jpg, jpeg type. Your image file should not exceed 1.95 mb. Images exceeding the maximum width of 200 will be resized. Images exceeding the maximum height of 500 will be resized)

Step III: You must know your registration number which is given by the university at the time of admission.

Step IV: Your registration number will be used as your username.

Step V: Register yourself from the right side corner Sign up option. Click on Sign up and fill the information provided in the form. You have to create separate password for your library login. Please don’t use your email ID password for this login.

Step VI: After filling the complete information in the form , please have a look on it and confirm that you have entered the right information and after that click on Sign up button.

Step VII: After Sign up your request for library login will be sent to admin. The admin will confirm your registration number and after that he will approve your request if the registration number is correct. Once your request is approved you will be intimated by an email and you will have right for login the library website.


The library users who register themselves on library website will be able to –-

  1. Request new book / journal online
  2. Send Online Complaints
  • Online Feedback

What information you may get from Library Website (Content of Website)


  1. Know Your Library: You may get information about various sections located in the library building and library timing.
  2. E-Resources: Here you may get ready links to subscribed as well as open source e-Resources.
  3. Library Team: This link provides information about the library staff.
  4. Web OPAC: This link is under consideration. Very soon users will be able to see and search the information sources available in VNMKV Library after activation of this link.
  5. New Arrivals: The newly added collection will be displayed in this link.
  6. Library Collection: The status of various library collection at a glance is available here with the list of subscribed print journals.
  7. Contact Us: Contact information of library officers is available here.



  1. About Library Website: The detail information regarding user registration is available here. Also information about the contents of website menu is available in brief.
  2. Library Advisory Committee: The names of Library Advisory Committee members are available here.
  3. Library Rules: The library rules approved by the library advisory committee are available here. Rules regarding admission in the library , book lending rules , fine etc. are available here.
  4. Institutional Repository: This is the link to institutional repository of VNMKV which is available on Krishikosh. You may access full text Ph.D thesis uploaded by VNMKV through this link.
  5. Agriculture Universities: This menu contains links to various agriculture universities located in the different parts of the country.
  6. Notice Board: The important and day to day notices of library will be available here.
  7. Important Links: Links to various important resources available under open access policy is available here.


USER MENU: (Right Side Corner)

The library users can register themselves and access following facilities –

  1. Request New Book / Journal online
  2. Online Complaints / Suggestions for library services (if any)
  3. May participate in Online Feedback